Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Implant treatment is one of the most frequently preferred methods of patients who have lost their teeth for any reason. The loss of the tooth causes an unwanted cavity in the mouth. In the treatment, it is aimed to remove this gap by using titanium materials. Titanium is a substance that does not harm the human body. For this reason, the tooth root is created by placing titanium screws in the gap where the loss is experienced. Thanks to the dental prosthesis applied on the root, the biggest advantage of the implant is that it looks like the patient's own tooth and provides an extremely successful and natural use advantage. Although implant treatment is performed in dental clinics in many cities of our country, İzmir is one of the leading cities in implant treatment.

Dental implant’s cost in Turkey

Dental implant’s cost in Turkey is around 3900 – 800 Euro. But in Europe dental implant’s cost can go up to 9-10 times. Also this price is all inclusive in Turkey. So, at this price, you both get your treatment and have a holiday. There are many factors that affect dental implant prices and it varies from person to person.

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What are the Advantages of Implant Treatment?

Titanium compounds used in the treatment do not cause adverse effects on the human body. On the contrary, it shows a permanent effect that becomes a part of the body by fusing with the bone over time. Implants not only contribute to the patient's external appearance, but also affect the habits of biting and chewing positively, eliminating the deficiency caused by tooth loss. The implants that provide long-term use both eliminate deformities and provide the desired positive change in facial appearance.

How Is Implant Treatment Done?

Implant treatment has a process that does not cause any pain or pain if applied correctly. In the procedure performed under local anesthesia, the implant is applied by preparing a nest in the gap determined in the jawbone. The applied implant should fuse with the jawbone. While a temporary head is applied on the implant in one-stage treatment, in the two-stage treatment method, the implant is covered with gums and prepared for a healing process ranging from 2 to 6 months. In this process, which is shaped according to the doctor's recommendation, it may be preferred to wear prosthetic teeth immediately.

Factors affecting the healing process after implant treatment;


  • The preferred procedure which can be one-stage or two-stage ,
  • The age of the patient,
  • The health condition of the patient,
  • Whether the patient has bone insufficiency,
  • Application of the implant to the upper or lower jaw,
  • The patiens’ compliance with precautions such as not consuming hard foods during the
    recovery period is very important.

Is the Implant Treatment Process Painful?

It is not a painful application if it is performed by specialist physicians in the field of implant treatment. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient during the procedure. Some applications can be done with laser support. This may cause the patient to feel a little pain. Nevertheless, the amount of pain felt can be easily prevented with the drugs recommended by the dentist. In this way, there are no results that negatively affect the daily life of the patient.


Who Can Apply Implant Treatment?

 It is a very safe method. The treatment can be easily applied to individuals who have completed chin and face development. In order to understand whether the patient is suitable for treatment, x-ray or tomography is taken and jaw structure is investigated. This stage is a great importance, as it can sometimes be observed that the bone tissue is not suitable for implant. If the tissue is suitable for the implant and there is no inflammation in the mouth that would require delaying treatment, the treatment process can be started. If the oral and dental health of the patient is not found sufficient after the controls, first the detected problems are treated, then when the patient is ready the implant treatment can start.

Is Implant Treatment Risky?

In general, it is not a risky procedure. However, as with any other treatment methods, there are some situations where implant application is risky. These conditions are associated with other diseases in the patient's body. Diabetes and heart diseases, high blood pressure, immune system disorders and hemophilia stand out among the diseases that increase the risk of implant treatment. Likewise, the suspicion of pregnancy in the patient, the consumption of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes that suppress recovery, the use of various drugs and the history of radiotherapy in the head and neck region are very influential on the decision of the dentist about whether the treatment can be applied. Whether the person is suitable for treatment can only be confirmed after the examination of a specialist dentist.

How much is the Implant Treatment?

The price depends on the variables that affect the treatment process. For this reason, it is not possible to give a precise price range. There are factors such as which tooth the implant will be applied to and whether additional treatment methods are needed. You can always contact us for all your questions about the implant treatment and price.