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Difference of Turkey
In Dental Treatments

The differences in dental treatments in Turkey compared to other countries can be highlighted in several key aspects:

One of the most significant differences is the cost. Dental treatments in Turkey are often much more affordable than in many Western countries. This is due to various factors, including lower labor and operational costs, and the country’s economic structure.

Despite the lower costs, the quality of dental care in Turkey is generally high. Many Turkish dentists are well-trained, with some having received education or training in Europe or the USA. Dental clinics often boast the latest technology and adhere to international standards.

Dent Leon was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

Creating Smiles
For a Lifetime

Elena Miller

Smile aesthetics

I’m so happy I’ve come across with this clinic. Communication was very pleasant. The staff of the practice is very nice and courteous. My dentist in Izmir from now on.

Paul Scudamore

Full Dental Implants

My journey began like anybody else’s would, combing the fb for the correct dentist to understand my particular needs and requirements, eventually I got in touch with Dent leon in izmir. I would certainly recommend this company to anybody that is trawling the fb Internet looking for dental work. Fantastic experience and a final massive smile.

Naia A.M.

Dental implants

Honestly, I was not expecting this much! From my first enquiry the information I received was first class. I was informed about all levels of treatments. They were all loving, positive and great about what they did. Atmosphere of clinic was very nice. Therefore, there are fish and meat, kebab restaurants in the neighborhood so you can have a beer or anything you want. I had my buddy with me and we had such a good time.

Furkan Tüzer

Teeth whitening

It is clear that they are experts in dentistry. I had an excellent examination with an ultra modern clinic and incredibly caring dentists. As a person who cares about dental health, I would never go to another dentist when I found a treatment of this quality.

Gabor Lajos

Full dental implants

I don’t know how to start. I went to DentLeon with a big hope as half of my teeth lost and had a really bad looks. I’ve got 12 implants, and full extraction. All the staff was looking after me, the Dr Agirbas made a brilliant job! Lovely, professional, helpful staff, and the price with what working also very good! Highly recommend that place, if you want to think about don’t do. Go and can promise the best!!!
One happy customer

Andrew Ruby

Dental Implants

Want teeth done for a long time took the jump what can I say amazing team looked after me had 6 implants top and bottom no pain they look out for you the hole way amazing friendly and helpful I’d recommend all day recommended best over the rest

Dent Leon
Dental Treatments

The dental exam plays a critical role in ensuring that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment is appropriate. Accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans are prepared with the latest technology products used during the examination in our clinics.


Dental Implants

Implant treatment is one of the most frequently preferred methods of patients who have lost their teeth for any reason.


Digital Smile Design

Smile design application is a treatment method that aims to have a natural and healthy smile.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the medical procedures that are preferred by many people who are not satisfied with their tooth color and aims to give very successful result.


Smile Aesthetics

Smile Aesthetic includes more than one procedure necessary for both oral and dental health and aesthetic appearance.


Gum treatment

Gum treatment is a treatment method performed to eliminate the infection caused by the person’s gingivitis.

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