Doctor treats patient's gums
Doctor treats patient's gums

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Gum treatment
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Gum treatment is a treatment method performed to eliminate the infection caused by the person’s gingivitis. Gingivitis usually lasts for a few days and then disappears spontaneously.  However, in some cases, the infection progresses and reaches the size that needs to be treated by the dentist. In this case, it is essential to consult a dentist and provide treatment without delay.

In Which Cases Is Gum Treatment Necessary?

The treatment is applied when bacterial plaques cause gingivitis. Gingivitis may not bother the person at first and may pass in a short time. However, sometimes the infection progresses and starts to have a negative effect on the person’s speech, chewing and similar activities. Gingivitis, which is overcome quickly by people who care about oral and dental health, creates a health problem that spreads day by day and progresses until tooth loss.

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What is Gingivitis?
Gingivitis, which means gingivitis, is caused by plaques. Bacteria accumulating in teeth and gums can form a layer called plaque in some cases even in people who take great care of oral and dental health. Bacterial plaques that cause gingivitis are resolved in a short time with the right treatment methods, but if not treated, they start to spread and damage the tissues.

What are the Symptoms of Gingivitis?
There are certain symptoms of gingivitis that indicate the need for gum treatment.

  • Mobility in teeth,
  • Prolonged appearance due to gum recession,
  • Precision,
    Bleeding during oral and dental care,
  • Smell of breath and constant bitter taste in the mouth,
  • Appearance changes such as redness and swelling in the gums can be counted.
The doctor shows the patient her new teeth.

How Does
The Treatment Process Progress?

Gum treatment is an effective treatment method that provides results very quickly. If the infection is still in its initial stage, the teeth and gums easily return to their healthy state after the treatment process. For this reason, it is very important to start treatment before the infection spreads. When gingivitis spreads, not only tooth loss but also melting of the jawbone occurs, considering the need for dental treatment, consulting a dentist without wasting time will affect both the treatment process and the result in a very positive way.

Gum treatment is a professional procedure to eliminate gingivitis. During the treatment, it is not only focused on gingivitis. At the same time, other problems that will threaten oral and dental health are eliminated. These include dental calculus, prosthesis control if present, and bacteria that accelerate plaque and tartar formation. It is also of great importance to apply the necessary preventive methods to protect oral and dental health after treatment.

If the inflammation is still at the beginning level, it can go away by itself with the care routine recommended by your
dentist. Thanks to factors such as tooth brushing, dental floss and mouthwash, which are among the oral and dental care routine, gingivitis that develops at an early stage can be eliminated. However, it is the dentist who has to decide whether the infection is at this stage or not. Whether the case requires professional care is determined only by your physician.

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The doctor treats the patient's gums.

Does Gingival Treatment Prevent Gum Inflammation?
Gum treatment gives a very effective result in removing gingivitis.If the bacteria that cause plaque formation are eliminated and then the oral and dental care routine recommended by your dentist is followed, the risk of infection is considerably reduced.

It should not be forgotten that although the treatment allows the inflammation to pass, it is of great importance to follow the oral and dental health care routine, which has a protective effect against both the risk of inflammation again and many remaining tooth and gum diseases. Since gingivitis can occur even in people who care about oral and dental health in some cases, the importance of visiting your dentist at regular intervals and diagnosing a possible infection or similar disease at its initial stage becomes once again.

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