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Dent Leon Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic was founded in Izmir by the Agirbas family in 1999. At that time, when dentist offices were common in Turkey, Izmir’s first polyclinic was opened, providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with more than one dentist. We are in Bornova as a pioneer in our field. In line with its working discipline and ethical service approach to patients, Çiğli Polyclinic was opened in 2002 and became one of the pioneers of branching out in dental polyclinics.

Dent Leon Vip Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which draws its strength from past experiences and whose vision is always focused on the future, aims to offer “Vip Patient Experience” in the field of dentistry in Izmir;
• Güzelbahçe branch was opened in 2022,
• Bayrakli  branch was opened in 2023.
Dent Leon group of companies aims to ensure the satisfaction of patients and their relatives with the healthcare services it offers, to create a model for Turkey with its team and infrastructure, and to become one of the reference healthcare institutions in the world.

General Dentistry
All kind of cases are evaluated first by General Dentists
In 2 Visits Full Mouth Dental Solutions.
Dental Surgery
All cases evaluate by Surgeon Doctors.
All aesthetic no touch restorations.
Teeth Braces
No touch solutions with Orthodontists.
Home or Professional Whitening Solutions
Teeth Protection
All after care procedures.
Gum shields, Night shields and all prosthesis.

Dental Service
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In the dynamic world of healthcare, particularly in dental hospitals, the success of the institution greatly depends on the seamless operation and coordination of its various departments. Functioning like interconnected gears in a sophisticated mechanism, each unit, from patient care to administration, holds a crucial role in guiding the hospital towards its mission of providing exceptional dental services. This harmonious interplay ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care, reflecting the hospital’s commitment to excellence in oral health.

Client Satisfaction
Intervention Success
Happy with Staff
Travel Satisfaction

Dent Leon was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

Aesthetic dentistry aims to design the ideal personal smile in a healthy and natural way. Dentist in İzmir We Design Your Smile with Our Professional Staff. 7/24 Customer Service. Prosthetic Dentistry.

In Guzelbahçe Dental Clinic and Bayraklı Dental Clinic; smile design, implant surgery, wisdom tooth surgery, cyst and tumor surgery, advanced graft surgery, orthodontic treatment, invisalign (transparent plaque) treatment, aesthetic filling, root canal treatment, prosthetic dental treatment, gum and diseases are treated.

dent Leon staff talks with patient

Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryDr. Dt. Baran Agirbas

The qualities of excellent communication and trust form part of our commitment to you and I have carefully chosen a great team of people.

Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry DoctorDr. Dt. Ecem Agirbas

Agirbas and her team have Committed to delivering dentistry of the highest quality.

Honorary PresidentDt. Zubeyde Agirbas

Honorary President of Dent Leon, Dt. Zubeyde Agirbas leads dental team of Dent Leon with her unique experience.

Dent Leon Proudly Presents
Kingdom of Excellence

Emine Sibel Caner

Digital Smile Design


I was thrilled by the experience and I have confident big smile now.  All Clinic members are very welcoming very friendly it felt like I was with my family, I was in trustful hands. Thank you.

Gizem Uçankuş

Full Dental Implants


In good hands. It’s my first time in this clinic, staff were so nice and helpful, doctors were professionals. We’ll start a long-term treatment here, I know I’m in good hands. Definitely recommended.

Uzay B. Dündar

Dental implants


A competent and trustworthy clinic. I chose this clinic on the recommendation of a friend. The doctors and staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the procedure. It is definitely a professional and competent clinic. The city is also nice to visit besides the whole positive experience.

Jiri Dolezal

Dental implants

Professional care, friendly staff, hospitality service, reasonable prices, in short 100% recommend.

Jirka Doležal

Teeth Whitening

Accuracy and experience
On my vacation, I visited (quite possibly) the best dental clinic in Izmir. They took care of me in no time, took an X-ray and looked at my teeth in detail. Within a few days, I went for whitening, which was completely painless and painless. In the following days there is sensitivity, but the process was so precise that the sensitivity was only felt for less than a day. The result is amazing and I really recommend this clinic.

Sebastien Cairns

Dental Implants

I researched for over 3 months and found Dent Leon and there amazing Client Coordinator,she was so helpful in every way and knew her job very well,never tried to over sell and was always brutally honest which we need. I would recommend for sure.Thank you so much.

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We are a friendly team of dentists who work together to ensure you receive the best treatment you need.

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