Teeth Whitening
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Tooth whitening is one of the medical procedures that are preferred by many people who are not satisfied with their tooth
color and aims to give very successful results. There are many factors that affect tooth color. As a result of these factors, which are divided into internal factors and external factors, yellowing and unwanted color changes occur in the tooth tone.

The process targets the porous structure in the tooth. Yellowing of the teeth begins due to the food and beverages accumulating in the pores. The application gives a very effective result on the color change.

What are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening?

The most important factor in choosing teeth whitening is that teeth that look white and healthy have a great effect on the self-confidence of the person. When evaluated in terms of aesthetics, it is seen that unwanted color changes in the teeth affect the daily life of the person negatively. In patients who feel the need to hide their teeth while laughing, a loss of selfconfidence may occur over time.

For this reason, the result of tooth whitening performed by a specialist dentist is an application that has great advantages both in terms of dental health and in terms of the daily life of the person.

Why Does Tooth Yellowing Occur?

Tooth yellowing can be discussed in two main items as internal and external factors. The internal factor can be shaped by the structure of the tooth, the drugs used in the womb or in infancy. It is known that some structural defects also have a negative effect on tooth color. Extrinsic factors are generally closely related to food and beverage consumed. In daily life, the consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes and similar types of foods and beverages with high probability of coloring teeth is responsible for color changes such as darkening and yellowing on the teeth.

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What is
Medical Teeth Whitening?

Power bleaching, also known as office type teeth whitening and similar names, is in a more advantageous position as the effect of the medical teeth whitening method can be seen much faster than other methods. The procedure, which takes about an hour, is applied by the dentist. After the protections placed in order not to damage the palate, whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The active ingredients in the gel are revitalized by UV light or laser, and the teeth are whitened.

Is Teeth Whitening Application Harmful?
If it is performed by a dentist who is expert in the field of tooth whitening, it is not a procedure that harms teeth. For a riskfree experience, the dentist must check the oral and dental health of the patient before starting the procedure and follow a road map according to the diagnoses he makes. The tooth whitening solution prepared in line with the needs of the tooth provides the tooth color to lighten without damaging the tooth surface. Likewise, home tooth whitening procedures can become risky if not performed in line with the dentist’s recommendations. When the dentist checks the teeth to be treated, they check whether the dentin tissue is exposed. Although there is an opening that requires filling, neglecting this and applying tooth whitening procedures without any treatment may cause irreversible damage to the patient’s dental health.

How Long Does
The Effect of Teeth Whitening?

It is quite difficult to give a precise time interval for its permanence. The main factor that determines this duration includes many variables, from the person’s tooth structure to the food and drink they prefer.

Nevertheless, in general, it can be said that the teeth whitening process is permanent for at least 6 months and at most 2 years.

How Much Are Teeth Whitening Prices in 2020?
Application prices vary according to the oral and dental health status of the person. Sometimes, the tooth or gum health of the person may not be sufficient to start tooth whitening treatment directly.

In this case, teeth whitening prices vary as the necessary treatment is performed first. Likewise, the method recommended by your dentist and the preferred whitening agents also cause significant changes in the price.

If you are wondering about teeth whitening prices and want to get price information, you can contact our clinic.


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