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Digital Smile Design
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Smile design application is a treatment method that aims to have a natural and healthy smile. It not only targets aesthetic beauty, but also targets the perfect harmony between lips, teeth and gums by eliminating the problems that occur in teeth and gums. The smile designed for this purpose consists of a series of procedures that respond positively to the patient’s oral and dental health needs as well as their expectations.

Treatment consists of individual steps. First of all, the treatments required after a comprehensive examination are started in the order determined by the dentist. Among these procedures, there are also interventions to be made with aesthetic concerns, especially the treatment of unhealthy teeth and the treatment of gum ailments. The purpose of the design, which is created by evaluating the gender, expectation and face shape of the patient, is to obtain an extremely natural, healthy and aesthetic smile.

What is Digital Smile Design?
It is the result of transferring the patient’s facial features to the computer environment, and the smile that the patient will get after the treatment is designed in the computer environment in the most realistic form.

The designs are designed with emphasis on the needs and expectations of the patient, and the most harmonious and healthy smile to the facial line is determined.

Which Procedures Are Applied in Smile Design Treatment?
There are two different processes followed in the smile aesthetics process. These are called pink aesthetics and white aesthetics.

While the gums are intervened within the scope of pink aesthetics, the focus is on the tooth area in white aesthetics. Although the pink and white aesthetic areas are focused separately, the evaluation of the smile design is carried out as a whole. In these processes, it is checked whether there is any discomfort in the areas determined first.

If there is a detected disease, a treatment process for the problem is started first, and then aesthetic interventions are
started. The following procedures can be encountered among the mentioned treatment process:

  • Decayed or broken teeth
  • Various gum ailments
  • Teeth whitening procedures
  • Tooth deficiencies requiring implants or prostheses
  • Orthodontic wire treatment to eliminate the existing disorder in tooth sorting
  • Laminated or zirconium crowns.

What are the Types of Smile Design?

Patient’s expectations play a major role in this process. There are several different designs that are both compatible with the facial features and provide a smile with the lines desired by the patient.

  1. Attractive smile design: The front teeth are emphasized in this design, which is the first choice for those who want a young and charming smile.
  2. Intellectual smile design: The most preferred design by the middle age group is the intellectual smile. This design, in which the teeth are lined in the same size, provides a mature but also aesthetic smile.
  3. Sporty smile design: The strongest aspect of this design is that it adds a lively and energetic look to the person. Although the front teeth are designed to be longer than the other teeth, they are kept shorter than the attractive design.

How To Make
A Smile Aesthetics?

The criterion for success in smile aesthetics is both the elimination of the patient’s current problems and the ability to have a smile that shapes them in accordance with their expectations and facial features. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the oral and dental health problems of the person first.

During the smile design process, the need for orthodontic treatment is evaluated. If it is not needed, the focus is on teeth and gums. Gums are not treated only in case of illness. Likewise, the gum level can be shortened in order to make the teeth appear longer and more aesthetic.

Teeth are intervened to have a more aesthetic appearance, just like gums. If there is a missing tooth, implant treatment can be applied, in the same way, the defects in the teeth can be eliminated by choosing a composite filling. Porcelain laminated or zirconium coating options can be considered in cases where the composite filling is of a size that does not prevent the disorder. In addition to these, many designs require teeth whitening. Teeth appear healthier and whiter as the yellowing and stains that develop due to both internal and external factors are eliminated by the tooth whitening process.

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What is the Smile Design Price?

It is not possible to determine a clear figure for prices.

You can always consult us for the most accurate information about the price of

this treatment method, which includes a series of procedures that are shaped

according to the needs of the patient.


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